How to create an exchange order on Best Obmen website?

Sometimes the operators of our e-currency exchanger are asked the simplest question: “How to create an order on your website?” In this guide, we will try to describe the algorithm of your actions as clearly and accessible as possible in order to create an order on the site.

Step-by-step instructions for creating an exchange order on the Best Obmen website

  1. Go to the main page of the site and on the left side, in the "You give away" column, sеlect the currency or the asset that you have and that you want to exchange. Let's take Bitcoin as an example. We click on it.
  2. exchange bitcoin
  3. Go to the right side and in the "You get" column, sеlect the currency or the asset that you want to receive in return for your asset. For our example, we sеlect the hryvnia on the Privat Bank card. We click on it.
  4. crypto to private24
  5. After going to the page of the Bitcoin BTC to Privat24 UAH pair, we see that this operation is performed automatically. It means that the exchange does not require the assistance of an operator. In the "Amount" box, enter the amount of Bitcoin coins you want to exchange. In our example, this amount is "1". After you entered the amount in the "You get" section in the window there is an approximate calculation of the amount that you will receive on your Privat Bank card. In the example, this amount is "941964.244 UAH".
  6. bitcoin to private24
  7. Next, enter your card number (16 digits) and sеlect the type of your card in order to see possible additional costs for the amount to be received.
  8. crypto to card
  9. Next, fill in your personal data, go through the captcha (it is a check that you are not a bot), and also tick in the required boxes. Click the "Exchange" button.
  10. bitcoin exchange
  11. Next you get a warning:
    Attention! Warning! Never deposit funds to third parties - you may become a victim of a fraud. This transaction is irrevocable, only you are responsible for your funds! Also, be careful when entering the details, if you enter erroneous data, the funds may be lost.
    exchange request Click "OK".
  12. Then you get one more warning: Please note that on this page the rate for your application is NOT FIXED yet! The amount receivable on the application will be automatically recalculated at the moment the funds are credited to our account and your application is transferred to the "Application paid" status, regardless of which direction the exchange rate has changed during the payment.
  13. exchange rate
  14. Next, check all the data once again carefully, check the box that you agree with the rules of the site, and click on the "Create an application" button.
  15. exchange details
  16. Next, read all the terms of the exchange and click on the "Proceed to checkout" button.
  17. exchange order
  18. Pay for the application to the specified wallet.
bitcoin to hryvnia That's all! You did it! Next, wait for the required number of network confirmations and receive automatic payment to the Privat Bank card specified in your exchange order. If you have any more questions, please contact our support team via online chat on the website (icon in the lower right corner of the website) or email [email protected]. Happy exchanges!